We just celebrated our second anniversary on Red Maple Homestead. Woo! We have done so much in the two years we’ve been here already, yet it feels like we still have so much to do.

When we moved in we prioritized having sheep as one of our main goals, so we re-purposed the old deck into a sheep barn.

We were able to get 4 pregnant ewes before winter hit for lambs expected in March. We were blessed to get 7 lambs! Now at our second anniversary we count 7 ewes with 13 lambs, a ram and a wheather to keep the ram company.

When we had the sheep first sheared I had no idea about processing sheep wool into yarn. I didn’t even know how to spin or have a spinning wheel! I just knew that I didn’t want to waste the wool. So off I went for a lesson in spinning. We bought a wheel off Kijiji and oh dear! it was a demonstration wheel and not functioning at all. We were very disappointed but it so happened that my spinning teacher’s husband was able to completely rebuild it and I now have a proper spinning wheel that I’ve grown quite fond of.

The spinning journey has taken me to participate at Maplefest in Holstein as well as Grown in Grey, demonstrating to the kids how yarn is made on a drop spindle. And what an amazing experience it’s been to work with the young ones.

This year we expanded our raised bed garden with two plots for in-ground growing. The garden was a disappointment the first summer as we got started very late in the season and the soil was dead. Now the soil is beautiful and rich from all the chicken and rabbit manure we’ve added. The tomato harvest last year was phenomenal. Its been a very wet spring this year so we are behind in planting, but hoping we’ll get a decent harvest. We were able to expand on the rhubarb but that harvest will have to wait for next spring. We’ve planted lots of squash and pumpkin, so lots of time for them to grow until the fall . We’re super excited to see what the harvest will yield!

The more you are thankful for, the more you have to be thankful for!